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  2. Look Up

    Hot glue gun fun!


    A collection of shitty photography of Melbourne’s Nite Art exhibitions and a shoe store.

  4. We Are Not A Free Animal
    (Insp by Human Exhibit (1984) Mike Mullins)

  5. What do you think love is?


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  6. Tracey Emin…
    I live and love through your art.
    I breathe in your words.
    They sigh out my thoughts.
    Thank you.

  7. Story-dj: Love and Space Dust

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  8. Sia - Moon

  9. Tonight


  10. saint-of-barges:

    i want to write you into moon beams,
    keep you safe within the stars 

    can we sing in the busted key of laughter
    and lace heaven between our fingers?

    you have become a rocket,
    the sunrise after the rain and
    i am caught in your rays,
    the way they wrap warmth - 
    even in distance.

    you see, you’ve become the sky,
    the freedom that keeps me grounded
    with a shot of this or that 
    and a twist of lime
               (again, the warmth to remind)
    and your words never fail
    to get me high


    i want to be your reminder,
                              (that warmth at a distance)
    your busted key of laughter
    to ground you
    when the world seems to be falling

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  13. 2013

    Bit and bobs that live on my wall.

  14. The Wisdom of Repugnance
    Leon Kass

  15. I made friends with scissors & glue.